Written on: May 17, 2018

Convenient Westmore Services Take the Stress out of Heating Season

Heating season may seem light years away as we lurch toward Memorial Day here in Connecticut and New York. But the key to cutting stress during the cold, gray months to come is to plan ahead – and the time to do that planning is now.

The good news is that Westmore can make that planning easy.

Thanks to our Payment and Pricing Plans, you can make your 2018-19 heating bills much more manageable and predictable – words that can be as warm and comforting as the heat in your home in January (as many will-call customers can attest after the out-of-nowhere January we had earlier this year).

Here are some basics about these convenient Westmore services:

Plan ahead and make your heating bills more manageable in winter 2018-19 – contact Westmore to get sign up for one of our convenient Plans today!