Written on: May 27, 2024

How Heating Oil Systems Work

furnace Mount Kisco, NY Do you know if you have a boiler or a furnace in your home? You would be surprised by how many people don’t know the answer to that question.

The heating oil system in your New York or Connecticut home can either be a furnace or a boiler. While both of these heating units will keep you warm, it’s worth knowing the difference, especially if a problem occurs.

If it’s something very minor, you may be able to correct it yourself when you know how a boiler and furnace generate heat into your home. Plus, if you need to discuss something with a Westmore Fuel heating oil service technician, you will at least have a working knowledge of how your heating oil system runs.

How a Heating Oil Furnace Works

Because it generates heated air, a furnace is also known as a forced-air or warm-air system. Here is how it produces heat.

How a Heating Oil Boiler Works

Boilers use hot water or steam to heat your home. Another name for a boiler is a hydronic heating system, which is defined as a system that transfers heat via a circulating fluid, such as water, in a closed system of pipes.

Steam boilers can still be found in older homes, usually ones built before the 1950s. If you have this type of system, your boiler stays true to its name because it needs to boil water to make steam before your heat can be distributed.

In comparison, newer boilers do not need to boil the water to make steam. Instead, they use hot water to distribute heat through a home’s piping. The heat from your hot water boiler is distributed through your home by either radiators or baseboards.

Because a boiler is a closed-loop system, water does not need to be constantly brought in or replaced, making it more efficient.

Key components of a boiler system include:

General Heating System Tips

New Boiler Installation or New Furnace Installation

If you think it’s time to replace your old heating oil furnace or heating oil boiler, please contact us about options in new high-efficiency heating oil systems. Today’s heating oil boilers and heating oil furnaces offer New York and Connecticut homeowners a great opportunity to increase their comfort while decreasing their energy usage.

New systems now heat your home using significantly less energy compared to older generation equipment. Energy-efficient equipment can be installed with controls to use only as much fuel as needed to heat your home or a specific part of your home.

Heating Oil Service in Mount Kisco, NY and Beyond

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