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A cleaner fuel with

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Power your fleet with biodiesel from Westmore Fuel, help the environment and save money!

  • Get a 20% savings on New York State Fuel Taxes.
  • Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 86 percent when compared to petroleum-only diesel.**

You can start right now: Biodiesel can be used without making any engine modifications.

Reduce your carbon footprint: Strengthen your company brand and reinforce your image as a company that is committed to clean and green fuel alternatives.

Longer engine life. Because biodiesel burns so cleanly, your vehicles will require less frequent maintenance and engine life will be extended.

Quality control. Westmore Fuel blends biodiesel right at our own 1.2 million gallon marine storage terminal in Port Chester, NY. From there, we deliver biodiesel to your on-site storage tank or facility.

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You can read more about biodiesel here.

**Source: EPA

For over 75 years, Westmore Fuel has been delivering a wide range of environmentally friendly energy products and services to thousands of homes in Connecticut and New York, keeping our friends and neighbors safe and comfortable.

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