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Control and Predictability Over Your Energy Costs

Even with fuel prices trend lower, keeping your home warm can stress your monthly expenses during the coldest months. With record-breaking temperatures last winter, our customers used a lot more heating oil than usual.

Westmore Fuel’s scheduled payment plan gives you control and predictability over your energy costs.

Sign up now and you will eliminate unscheduled fuel bills. There’s no cost to enroll, plus you’ll earn 1% annual interest for any credit balance you have.

With our scheduled payment plan, for 11 months you’ll receive an invoice or email notifying you a payment is due. And, for you convenience, we can set you up on AutoPay, which automatically deducts your payment from your credit card or banking account. Our plan can take the worry out of monthly bills.

Call us at 888-696–4031 or contact us here to enroll in this FREE and convenient plan. Read more about the plan here.

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