Oil Price Contracts

Westmore offers a range of pricing options

Capped Oil Price Contract:

The Capped Oil Price gives customers the security of knowing their oil price will never go higher than their Cap, but should our daily market price fall below the Cap, customers will enjoy the lower price.  There is a 20-cent per-gallon upfront fee to enter into a Capped Oil Price Contract.

Fixed Oil Price Contract:

The Fixed Oil Price is is for anyone who wants the security of locking in a price.  With a Fixed Price, you will never pay any higher for your fuel.  But, you take the chance that should prices go lower, you’re going to be paying the Fixed Price rate—even if it’s higher!  There is a 10-cent per-gallon upfront fee to enter into a Fixed Oil Price Contract.

Daily Market Rate:

This is for customers who prefer to pay the going rate for oil.  Customers who choose this plan understand that our Daily Market Rate will float up or down with energy prices. There is no fee associated with this plan.

You can keep up to date on the latest heating oil prices in Connecticut and New York.

Westmore customers can log into their account and view our latest pricing offers.


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