A Fuel Cleaner Than Natural Gas

Westmore BioHeat

Westmore Fuel has always maintained our B20 BioHeat® is cleaner than natural gas and now we have the proof!

BioHeat® heating oil is a clean, responsible alternative to natural gas heating systems and performs admirably against all other heating systems.”NORA Report

This is among the key findings of a report conducted by Brookhaven National Laboratory and delivered to Congress in May 2015 by The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). The report further states that blends of 2% biodiesel or more produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas! We think this is great news for our customers!

Click here to view the complete NORA report.

Top 10 Reasons Westmore Delivers Only B20 BioHeat®

1. Westmore’s  B20 BioHeat® contains 20% biodiesel, instead of just 2%.
2. Westmore uses U.S. produced soybean biodiesel in our B20 BioHeat®.
3. By increasing the demand for BioHeat®, we help create more American jobs.
4. Emergency “no heat” calls have decreased since Westmore began delivering BioHeat® in 2008.
5. Westmore’s B20 BioHeat® gives you MORE heat with LESS fossil.
6. Westmore’s B20 BioHeat® acts as a natural solvent to keep your system clean inside.
7. Westmore blends our B20 BioHeat® at our marine storage terminal.
8. Absolutely no system modifications are needed to use Westmore’s B20 BioHeat®.
9. Westmore’s B20 BioHeat® doesn’t cost more than conventional heating oil.
10. NY customers can apply for a 20-cent per gallon tax credit for using Westmore’s B20 BioHeat®.

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