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New Technologies for leaner, more efficient oil heating systems

Programmable Thermostats — are a great way to heat your home on a schedule that suits your lifestyle – keeping you warm when you want it and ensuring you’re not wasting energy.

Upgrading Your Oil Heating System — If your oil heating system is more than twenty years old, you definitely want to consider upgrading to a new, technologically advanced and energy-efficient system. Energy Star qualified equipment could save you between 20 to 25 percent on your annual heating bill. Today, that could mean a $400 savings on the average home’s energy bill, depending on the efficiency of the unit that was replaced.

Outdoor Reset Controls — An outdoor reset control regulates the water temperature in your heating system in relation to the outdoor temperature, making your system smarter and enhancing the performance of your heating system.

Fresh Air Intake — A fresh air intake draws outside air directly into your furnace room and allows air to enter in just one place instead of many different places, such as through windows, doors and other small openings. Without it, your furnace will resort to using the warm air it’s already heated from inside your home. Why would you pay to re-heat air you’ve already heated? A fresh air intake keeps your money from literally going up the chimney.

Fuel Oil Storage Tank — Today’s modern fuel oil storage tank systems come in a variety of styles, offer double-wall containment and are made of corrosion-resistant material such as fiberglass and polypropylene for complete peace of mind.

BioHeat® — Now there’s a more efficient, more environmentally friendly product. BioHeat® burns more efficiently saving you money in heating costs, prolongs the life of your heating equipment and helps the environment. You don’t need to change or upgrade your current system to use this new fuel.

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