What is BioHeat?

A Fuel Cleaner than Natural Gas

Westmore BioHeat

What is BioHeat® home heating fuel?

Less fossil and more future, BioHeat® blends ultra-low sulfur home heating fuel with 100% renewable, domestically produced agricultural products.

What does Bio mean?

The plant content in BioHeat® is biodiesel, the production of which annually generates approximately $16.8 billion dollars for the U.S. economy, creates more than 62,000 jobs, and helps reduce our country’s dependence on foreign resources. In its purest form, biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic. That’s bio-amazing!

Where is BioHeat® home heating fuel made?

Not only are the crops used to create BioHeat® fuel grown in America, it is made right here in Connecticut in a variety of blends. Westmore Fuel only delivers B20 BioHeat®, which contains 20% biodiesel with 80% ultra-low sulfur home heating fuel.

What does B20 mean?

B20 indicates the percentage of biodiesel blended with petroleum based fuel.  B20 contains 20% biodiesel.

Does BioHeat® home heating fuel cost more? How does it save money?

Westmore Fuel doesn’t charge a penny extra for our BioHeat®. In fact, New York State residents can apply for a 20-cent per gallon tax credit. Even better, BioHeat® helps your home heating equipment run more efficiently than before with less maintenance which saves you money.

Does BioHeat® reduce our carbon footprint?

Yes.  Since Westmore Fuel began delivering BioHeat® in 2008, our customers have dramatically reduced their carbon footprint by receiving a BioHeat® formula with 12% less particulate matter, 20% less hydrocarbons, 12% less carbon monoxide, 2% less nitrogen oxide, 20% less sulfur dioxide and 16% less carbon dioxide.

Is BioHeat® cleaner than natural gas?

Yes, in a report authored by Brookhaven National Laboratory and the National Oilheat Alliance for the Congress proves the BioHeat is cleaner than natural gas.

Do I need to upgrade or replace my heating system to use BioHeat®?

This is the best part-  you don’t have to do anything!  BioHeat® works with your existing heating system and no modifications are needed.

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