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Westmore Fuel is your number one source for new boiler installations in CT and NY.

Want a warm and cozy home environment–and a way to save money at the same time? A new Westmore Fuel home oil heating system is the answer.

Oil heating systems technology has improved dramatically. Our new systems are four times more efficient than units from several decades ago. “Efficient” means the system puts out more heat with less fuel, which translates to big savings on your energy costs.

Choosing the right home heating system for you

Is your household the same size it was in the past? Have you added a bedroom, home office, or a workshop? Whatever your needs are, Westmore will provide a home heating system solution that fits your lifestyle and provide a lifetime of efficient performance at the lowest possible operating cost.

A Westmore service manager will review your current energy consumption, and discuss your future needs and priorities. We can also provide a detailed comparison of a Westmore Fuel oil home heating system vs. the gas company’s services. With our decades of experience, we are able to make a system upgrade recommendation that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Note: Confused between the gas company’s proposals and oil heat? Let us explain the true costs of conversion to gas vs. a Westmore upgrade to a new oil-fired boiler.

Efficient oil heating systems from quality manufacturers

Not all oil heating systems are the same. Westmore Fuel works with the best. Here are some of the oil boiler heating systems we install:

Efficient Bioheat© Fuel is environmentally superior

For even greater efficiency, Westmore Fuel delivers B20 Bioheat, a fuel that is cleaner than natural gas. Composed of a blend of ultra-low conventional heating oil and biodiesel, B20 Bioheat dramatically reduces emission of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter and is a ‘green’ way to heat your home. New York resident customers may be eligible for a 20-cent per gallon tax credit–a savings of $200 on every 1,000 gallons!

Experienced and skilled installers

Westmore Fuel has our own in-house installation team – we do not use sub-contractors. Our knowledgeable installers examine your current system, not only the old boiler but your piping as well. Rather than just a “cut and slide” replacement, they will install new piping as needed to maximize the performance of your new boiler.

Westmore “goes the extra mile” with quality equipment and high-performance installation to ensure you are a satisfied customer. And we provide a warranty that we will stand behind our work for years to come.

Five steps to an oil home heating system solution

  1. We listen: We meet to discuss your home heating needs and energy consumption patterns
  2. We give you options: Our team submits our recommendations, complete with pricing
  3. We set a schedule: Westmore will plan the installation at a time that fits your schedule
  4. Fast, efficient installation: Our talented crew works fast to remove the old system, makes any necessary adjustments to your piping and installs the new system
  5. We’re here for you: Have questions? Our customer service team is always available. And remember: our installation work is backed by our own satisfaction warranty, as well as warranties from the manufacturer.

Need Financial

Westmore offers financing options through:

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Ask us about Federal and State incentives for the installation of new energy efficient oil heating systems.
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