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Westmore Fuel has the perfect oil tank for our CT and NY customers

Westmore Fuel sells underground and aboveground oil tanks. We also provide oil tank removal, oil tank installation, and oil tank maintenance. We can easily swap out your existing heating oil tank for a new one.

In ordering an oil fuel tank, we will help you make your choice based on your usage volume, the installation location terrain, and any municipal or commercial regulations in your area.

We can help you make the right choice. Our Westmore service managers are highly trained and skilled, and can assess your current oil heating system and future needs to recommend a tank that is the best solution at the lowest cost.

Heating oil tanks come in a variety of sizes

Westmore’s home heating oil tanks come is a variety of sizes. A larger unit will cost more, but will need fewer refills. Your Westmore installation representative can advise you on a tank size appropriate for your usage, and provide an initial estimate of your fuel costs based on that usage.

Today’s tanks are light-years ahead of the old models.

The newest generation of aboveground tanks is so much better than the tanks available from 20-30 years ago that there’s really no comparison. Not only are these new tanks virtually leak-proof, their standard features give more flexibility, protection and value than ever before:

Fast and efficient oil tank installation and removal

Westmore has eight decades of experience in installing aboveground and underground tanks for a home or business. Our installation crews work quickly and efficiently, and always show respect for your property.

The same Westmore crews can remove your existing aboveground or underground tank. We will then replace it with a new unit, in the same or a different location. As with aby of our installation services, we will clean up the area before we go.

Backhoe service

We use a backhoe for underground tank installations and removals. We will coordinate with you in advance to make sure we have access to the tank install location and that the area is free of obstructions. Once the tank is installed and the backhoe is off your property, we manicure the area to return it to its normal state.

Oil tank maintenance

Westmore oil tanks are strong and well-made. However, since they are exposed to the elements or to underground moisture, it’s a good idea to have a Westmore representative inspect your oil tank at least once a year. This inspection is particularly important once your tank is five or more years old or is in a very exposed location.

Once your tank is installed, you can rest easy: Westmore Fuel provides reliable oil deliveries, and service plans that include 24/7 emergency service.

Need Financial

Westmore offers financing options through:

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