What is the Westmore Difference?


Dear Friends,

Last winter was one of the coldest we’ve experienced in a long time. Unlike many companies, we always have members of our service team on call to ensure that we can respond to every customer who needs deliveries or repairs. That’s the kind of service our business was built on; it’s what we call the Westmore Difference.

We even go out of our way to help noncustomers whenever we can. Over the summer, we received an urgent call from the supervisor of a condominium complex. Its water heater had shut down due to a lack of oil, but the condominium’s regular dealer refused to make a delivery because it was a Saturday. To help out, we dispatched one of our delivery drivers so the residents there could enjoy hot showers again.

As we enter another heating season, rest assured that we will always be there for you, no matter the weather or the time of day. We have the resources and experience to guarantee that we can meet that commitment.

As always, we are committed to your comfort and peace of mind — and we thank you for your trust and loyalty to us. Call us anytime you need our help. You’re important to us!

Richard C. Bologna


Even Out Your Fuel Payments

Did you know you can keep your home warm without getting hit with big fuel payments during the winter, no matter how cold it gets? Our Even Pay Plan makes your fuel payments more manageable and predictable by spreading them out for as long as 11 months (depending on when you join).

Even if you need two deliveries in one month, you still pay only one lower monthly amount. You’ll also receive a 1% rebate, calculated annually, in any month you have a credit balance.

For more convenience, combine Even Pay with our popular AutoPay option and pay your bills automatically, directly through your bank or credit card. Call or go to our Contact Us page if you have any inquiries.


Easy Tune-Ups

We want to tune up your system! Unlike some other companies, we believe that if a tune-up is included in your service plan, we should do everything we can to get it done.


We understand folks are busy during the back-to-school season, so this year we instituted a new process to make things easier.

This extra effort to look after our customers is another way we earn your trust, and it’s what separates us from other companies. It’s another big part of the Westmore Difference.


Great News About Oil Heat

Heating oil has been a safe, reliable and extremely efficient fuel for many years. And we’re always happy when we can share great news with you. Staying informed allows you to make smart decisions for your home and family.


U.S. Oil Production Reaches Highest Point Since 1972

Total U.S. crude oil production next year is on track to reach 9.3 million barrels per day—the highest level since 1972! The United States is now the biggest oil producer in the world, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia. Crude oil output will continue to surge and will top 13.1 million barrels a day by 2019.



While this represents a giant leap toward our country’s goal of greater energy independence, it remains to be seen how oil prices will play out in the years ahead due to unpredictable factors including:


One More Uncertainty

Speculation also injects price uncertainty. Speculators from giant banks, hedge funds and elsewhere place bets on which way the energy markets will move, hoping to make money from their investments. With unrest in the Middle East reaching the boiling point recently, speculators are especially jittery, which opens the door to future price volatility.

Unfortunately, everyone gets caught in the whipsaw effect of increased costs and uncertainty. It hits you—and us—in the wallet and has many other consequences.

Like you, we hope to see oil prices stay at lower levels in the future. With domestic oil production levels surging strongly, there is a better chance that this might happen.

Thanks in large part to the big boost in domestic supply, oil prices are expected to remain at levels that are similar to, if not slightly lower than last heating season—barring any unexpected world events.

Sources: Energy Information Administration, Short Term Energy Outlook, July 2014; International Energy Agency.


Heating Oil Picks Up the Slack for Natural Gas

High demand brought on by last winter’s bitter cold forced many utility companies to cut off their “interruptible” customers—businesses that use a lot of natural gas—and switch over to a more secure fuel source: heating oil!

Here’s one striking example: in New York City alone last winter, at least eight million gallons of heating oil were diverted to make up for the natural gas shortage. This type of situation is not unusual; it happens year after year whenever there is a prolonged cold snap.

Once again, oil heat proved to be safer, more reliable and more efficient than natural gas. There’s nothing like bitter cold winters to prove that over and over again!


People Pay for “Lost” Gas!

As more power plants convert from coal to natural gas and older gas pipelines continue to deteriorate, an adequate supply of natural gas is becoming a major concern.

Leaky gas pipelines are also costing people money! Gas that doesn’t reach the customer is considered lost or unaccounted for, although it is still paid for by the gas customer. Imagine if we charged you for oil that was “lost”!

By sticking with oil heat, and upgrading to high-efficiency, clean-burning oil heating equipment, you can reduce emissions, save energy and keep your heating bills reasonable. And by doing this, you’ll still have us on your side, always willing to go out of our way to keep you warm and safe.

Can any gas company make the same claim—and then back it up?


5 Ways We Look After You


Will Natural Gas Clean Up Its Act?


You may have heard the recent news that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new regulations to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by up to 30% by 2030.

Less well known is another plan that outlines both regulatory and voluntary actions that federal agencies would undertake to reduce methane emissions, which are more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide emissions (methane is the main component of natural gas).

This strategy targets industries creating the largest percentage of domestic methane emissions, with the top three polluters being agriculture (farm animals), natural gas systems and landfills.

While there is no practical way to control emissions from farm animals, some landfills have been installing wells and vents to capture methane.

We can only hope that the natural gas industry makes similar progress in addressing an environmental problem that affects us all.


Cut Up to 40% Off Your Fuel Bills!

System 2000 boiler

Imagine enjoying almost unlimited hot water and lowering your annual fuel bills by as much as 40% at the same time!

Many of our customers have been enjoying these benefits after we installed a System 2000 for them. Unlike old cast-iron boilers that run super hot regardless of outdoor temperatures, the System 2000 manages boiler efficiency to match outdoor conditions. And because the System 2000 combines heat and hot water production, you gain unequaled energy efficiency and big savings throughout the year! Call or go to our Contact Us page to request a free estimate and a no-obligation consultation.

With the System 2000’s Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle, no heat energy is left wasted in the boiler. System 2000 can be installed with or without a chimney.


The Cleanest Fuel for All Our Customers

Westmore delivers only ultra-low-sulfur BioHeat®. This new, cleaner-burning heating oil reduces emissions, enabling heating systems to run more efficiently and saving money on fuel.

Westmore combines 20% biodiesel with ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, making our fuel cleaner than natural gas!

By delivering this cleaner fuel, Westmore will soon be able to sell ultra-high-efficiency heating equipment that has previously only been available in Europe.

Keep up with the latest developments by following us on Twitter and checking our Facebook page!


Welcome to the Team!

Over the years, we have built a team of honest, hardworking people who look out for your best interests. We’re pleased to introduce the newest members of our team.


Steve Cestone, our credit manager, came aboard in January, in the midst of a hectic heating season. He had to hit the ground running, but his transition from the finance industry to the home heating oil industry went smoothly. Steve says his favorite part of the job is building relationships with customers.

“Customer satisfaction is always our priority,” he says. “We go out of our way to do right by the customer, and extend ourselves in every way we can.”

Sean Lytle, our oil department manager, joined us this summer. He has the vital job of supervising oil deliveries—with the ultimate goal of making sure every customer gets fuel when he or she needs it.

“We have a terrific group of drivers who have seen tough winters before, so that’s going to make my job much easier,” Sean says.

Previously in telecommunications sales, Sean is enjoying his changeover to the home comfort business.

“I like being part of a family business,” he says.

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