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How to Save Money This Spring

Spring has arrived at last, with the long-awaited warmer season finally here. While we all look forward to these days, none of us want higher energy bills.

Whether you are running your air conditioning more often, using more water to take showers, or using more electricity to run fans to get a cool breeze, energy saving tips can help your pocketbook. Here are energy saving tips for you.

  1. Keep the sun out. When the sun is at its hottest, pull your window treatments closed to block out rays.
  2. Install energy-efficient light bulbs. Change your incandescent bulbs to more efficient ones. They last longer.
  3. Alternate methods of cooking. Instead of using your oven every day, consider using your microwave or grilling outside. Heating your oven up daily adds more heat to your home and requires your cooling system to work harder.
  4. Take shorter showers. Decrease the duration of how long you stay in the shower to save on your hot water usage. If your family struggles to get enough hot water, let us show you how upgrading your hot water heater can save you energy dollars. For a free estimate, just fill out this quick form.
  5. Automate your thermostat. If you are still using a manual thermostat to adjust the air conditioning in your home, consider replacing it with an automatic one that can be programmed when you are not home.
  6. Have your air conditioning system serviced regularly. This will help your investment work properly for years into the future, while saving you money now.

Saving energy this season will help your wallet, our planet Earth, and keep you and your family cool. Call us anytime at 888-696–4031 or contact us here. We thank you for your loyalty!

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