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Fuel your commercial fleet in New York or Connecticut with our biodiesel motor fuel

Do you have on-road vehicles that use diesel fuel? We are specialists in fleet-to-fleet fueling. We deliver on-road biodiesel fuel throughout the year to trucking companies, bus companies, municipalities and other companies with a fleet of vehicles.

  • ready to use now — no engine modifications required
  • high-quality fuel reduces maintenance and increases lubricity
  • improves air quality with reduced CO2 emissions
  • supports energy independence; domestically produced
  • establishes your company as being committed to green, clean alternative energy for the environment and your community
  • safe and nontoxic
  • Get a 20% savings on New York State Fuel Taxes. You save 20% per gallon when you use on-road B20 biodiesel. Learn More

Fleet fueling benefits

Fleet fueling is a way for our commercial customers to save on labor, maintenance and other ongoing expenditures. It’s ideal for companies that don’t or can’t have fuel tanks on their own property. We’ll deliver fuel to the tanks of your vehicles off-hours when they are idle, so they’re ready to go when you need them the next day. Westmore Fuel will save you time and labor costs by delivering biodiesel motor fuel right to your location.

  • You can start each day with full tanks for all your diesel vehicles. We specialize in deliveries during your downtime and at night, so your fleet is ready to go at the beginning of each day.
  • Our service will eliminate costly, time-consuming fueling stops. Getting on-site fueling directly from our tank trucks keeps you productive.
  • You’ll receive reliable deliveries for your bulk diesel tanks. We can customize a delivery schedule to meet the requirements of your aboveground or underground tank.

Who should be using biodiesel motor fuel?

  • all diesel-operated vehicles
  • construction companies
  • fleet vehicles
  • sanitation haulers
  • school buses
  • state highway and transportation departments
  • utility companies

Learn more about our biodiesel blends.

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Get a 20% savings on New York State fuel taxes. You’ll save 20% per gallon for using on-road B20 biodiesel. View the tax-credit form and instructions here.

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