The Benefits of Westmore Full Service

Westmore Fuel is a Full Service Oil Heating Company.

What is Full Service?

In addition to providing home heating fuels, as a Full Service dealer we offer a wide array of other products and services, including:

In short, as a Full Service Dealer we’re interested in providing total peace of mind for our customers.

Consider the Total Cost of heating your home

Most ‘discount companies’ are interested in only supplying fuel to customers — so they offer prices a few cents less per gallon over full service companies. But is that a better deal?

Let’s say they help you save 10 cents per gallon. On 1000 gallons per year, it adds up to $100.00. Yet consider this, if we can help you use 15% (150 gallons) less fuel because of proper preventative maintenance and more efficient fuel products, at today’s prices you will save much more.

Never worry about having to order fuel or running out

Why? Two reasons, first, we automatically fill your tank when you need more fuel. So no matter how busy or far away you might be, you don’t have to think about it, we will. Second, discount fuel suppliers are essentially haulers. They go to commercial terminals, buy fuel at wholesale and then sell it to you at a mark-up. As long as supply is strong they are able to fill their trucks. But what if supply tightens? Will they have the strategic relationships they need to get fuel? With Westmore, you never have to worry about supply. Our large marine storage terminal and strategic relationships with the best suppliers assure you of that.

Benefit from our knowledge and the latest technologies

Three generations of knowledge there to serve you is hard to beat. You can be assured we will provide the right information so you can make better decisions about how you heat your home and where you spend your hard-earned money. There are some truly amazing new oil heat technologies in the market today — better equipment, smarter controls and more efficiently burning fuels. Add them all up and a newly installed system could save you 30% on your energy costs.

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