Energy Efficiency is Good for the Economy


Dear Friends,

energy-services-demandHelping our customers save money has always been a priority for us, especially through energy-saving technology and more efficient fuels. So it was exciting to come across a recent report showing that energy efficiency is a more important driver of economic productivity than energy production.

The author of the report, John Laitner, a visiting fellow at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, discovered that the United States spends roughly $575 billion on energy efficiency, compared with the $170 billion spent to produce energy. His report concluded that in addition to reducing the impact of drilling for oil and gas on the environment, improving energy efficiency is good for the national economy.

On an individual level, saving energy is good for your bottom line; throughout our history, the Westmore promise has been about increasing customer comfort while helping you save energy and reduce fuel costs.

We are constantly on the lookout for more energy-efficient products as well as services that can help your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, while keeping your energy costs in check. We’ve always believed our efforts were helping the environment and benefitting our customers, but now it looks like we’re helping the national economy too!

Richard C. Bologna

P.S. New York customers, watch the mail: You’ll soon receive a form and information on applying for the 20-cent-per-gallon NYS BioHeat tax credit. Please call our office if you have any questions.


Our Customer for More than 50 Years!


rbologna-bconettaBea Conetta has been a Westmore customer since 1961. We realized she was one of our longest-term customers when she posted on our Facebook page.

Her post says a lot about why she’s been with us for more than half a century: “In all the many years I have dealt with [Westmore], I have always been treated with great respect when I contacted their office… Anyone dealing with them should count themselves as fortunate. You couldn’t find a better company to be associated with.”

We decided to get in touch with Bea to find out what she really thinks of us.

“Except for very briefly, I’ve been a Westmore customer since I moved here from my mother’s house in 1961,” Bea told us. She has lived in the area and knew Domenick Bologna from her school days.

Please go to to read the rest of Bea’s story.

Our Facebook Winners

In our last newsletter, we announced that everyone who posted a comment on our Facebook page would be entered to win a $50 Home Depot gift card.

Congratulations to our two winners, Chris Gambino and Bea Conetta!

The Case of the Lost Heat

Our service technicians are like private investigators, solving cases from simple to complex. During the winter, they’re on the job day and night, using their skills and diagnostic tools to fix comfort problems. As you read about their investigations, look for clues to see if you can shine a light on the case before they do.


Grace D. calls to report a loss of heat. Our investigator begins by interviewing the only witness. He asks Grace:

Grace confesses she pressed the system’s reset button twice, but each time the system ran for only a few minutes before shutting off.


After explaining why the reset button should not be pushed more than once (see Exhibit A), our investigator then rules out the “usual suspects” for heat loss. He finds that:

Now he gives the system a thorough examination and discovers a dirty cad cell eye (see Exhibit A) and a clogged nozzle. After cleaning the cad cell eye and replacing the nozzle, he gets the system running again. Amateur investigators might stop at this point, but not our expert! He knows if he doesn’t learn why the system became clogged in the first place, the same problem will happen again.


Clue #1: The system had been serviced a few months before. A properly maintained system should always burn cleanly. Our investigator needs more information from Grace. “Have you made any changes in your home recently?” he asks her.

oil-tank-gaugeClue #2: Grace remembers that she recently had exhaust fans installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Our investigator now has the solution to the problem.

Can you guess what it was?

Solving the Case

Combustion gases exit the home through a chimney or exhaust vent. But normal draft can be reversed by negative pressures. The exhaust fans drew combustion gases back into Grace’s system, causing it to clog and shut down. Our investigator installs a fresh air intake kit to solve this problem. Case solved!

Tip: If you make renovations to your home, let us know. We may be able to prevent these changes from having a negative impact on your heating system.

A Matter of Adjustment


system-serviceEdward T. contacts our investigator because he smells oil. Our investigator arrives, checks all of the fittings of the burner, oil tank, filter and oil line. There is no sign of a leak.

Clue from the Eyewitness

Edward says he hasn’t had his system serviced in three years. What is the problem?

Solving the Case

Within minutes of his inspection, our investigator could see that the system was badly in need of maintenance. He told Edward that a system that gets regular maintenance should never emit an oil smell. Our investigator took out his “forensics kit” and performed a tune-up (see below). This included adjusting the burner, which had a delayed ignition. This problem caused the oil odor. Case solved!

Our “Forensics” Test

We do many tests to measure your system’s efficiency. What we find indicates what adjustments are needed. By doing this, we can save you up to 10% on your annual heating costs. These tests include:

Solving the “Repair or Replace” Mystery


repair-or-replace-mysteryUse these guidelines if you’re wondering whether you should repair or replace your system.

Figure Your Savings

No matter whether you decide to repair or replace, we want to remain your trusted home comfort company. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to provide you with excellent service and great value for many years to come.

Warm House, Cool Bills


high-efficiency-systemImagine consistent, quiet heat throughout your home, and at the same time lowering your annual heating bills by 30% or more. If your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old, you could reap real benefits from a system upgrade.

While annual maintenance and small repairs can keep your old equipment running for a while longer, a new system will burn fuel far more efficiently, saving you money every day.

Westmore’s knowledgeable equipment experts can help you assess your needs and choose the right size and type of system for your home, and install it properly — usually in just a day!

Call us today to request a free estimate.

Congratulations, Maria Carosella

In our fall newsletter, we announced that everyone who signed up for e-billing would be entered to win a touch-screen programmable thermostat from Honeywell. More than 600 e-billing customers were entered, and Maria Carosella is the lucky winner!

Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

More of our customers are using their smartphones to pay heating bills and adjust their thermostats remotely.

Now that’s what you call having comfort in the palm of your hand!

Sign Up for Autopay and Win!


autopayWhen you sign up for AutoPay, you’ll eliminate the hassle of writing out checks and the risk of late fees if you forget. (That’s a win!)

If you set up AutoPay with a credit card, you may even be able to earn valuable points or air miles. (Another win!) And now, if you sign up for AutoPay by March 31, we will enter you in a drawing to win a programmable thermostat.*

AutoPay enables you to pay your bills automatically, directly through your bank or credit card. Contact us today to get started — and be entered to win an energy-saving thermostat!*

*Installation not included. Other conditions apply. Contact us for details.

We Make it Easy for You


westmore-online-accountAt Westmore, we always strive to make your experience working with us as smooth and pleasant as possible. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our interactions with you, whether in person, on the phone or online.

Upgrades to our online customer access site now allow you to link multiple accounts, change your contact information, billing address and much more. Log in to your account to check out our improvements.

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