Written on: March 2, 2015

We’re Here for You Even When the Going Gets Tough

Cold Thermometer

If you made it through the winter thus far without worrying about losing your heat, then we are doing our job right. Looking ahead, we’re all hoping for less drama as far as the weather goes. But these days, that’s far from a certainty. Whatever happens, you can count on all of us at Westmore to put your needs first and do whatever we can to keep your family warm and comfortable.

This winter’s record-breaking weather has, at times, had us working around the clock. From February 1st through February 24th, while everyone was trying to cope with below average temperatures, we successfully handled; 5,503 telephone calls, 5,122 fuel deliveries and responded to 960 service calls. Many times, our fuel drivers and service technicians have had to climb over five-foot snowbanks just to reach customers’ homes.

These are the times when it really pays to have a personal relationship with your fuel dealer. We have received reports that other dealers came up short – leaving their customers in the cold.
In fact, we received many calls from homeowners who are not our customers desperate for service. They found out the hard way that they can’t depend on some companies to be there for them when the going gets tough. After we take care of our customers’ needs, we do our best to help these people as well.

It really comes down to the peace of mind you get with a family-owned, full-service company. We didn’t build our reputation for more than 75 years by cutting corners. We treat all our customers like family. When you call, we answer the phone 24 hours a day. We’re there for you with prompt, reliable, professional service with a personal touch you’ll never get from a company that is just trying to sell you bargain-basement fuel.

I’d like to thank our service technicians, fuel drivers and office staff, whose hard work and sacrifice continue to insure Westmore customers’ warmth and comfort during this cold winter.

Call us anytime you need our help at 800-662-9099. We thank you for your trust and loyalty!