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Reasons to choose Westmore Fuel

We also have a dedicated staff of caring employees who are always ready to help you. They live in the communities they love to serve, and they understand the needs you have. Their knowledge and commitment help us to deliver not only Bioheat® fuel, but quality and value—all backed by many decades of heating oil experience. Here are five other ways we stand head and shoulders above the competition. We call it the Westmore Advantage.

  • Guaranteed Fuel Supply — In 1982, Westmore Fuel put a plan in place to guarantee fuel supply to its customers — even under the most extreme conditions. Our 1.2-million-gallon marine storage terminal, along with strategic supplier alliances, takes away any worry about any supply shortages. Not every fuel oil company can make this guarantee!
  • Environmentally friendly products — Westmore Fuel has been leading the way in providing Bioheat ® fuel, which burns cleaner, emits less pollutants and produces more BTU’s per gallon than natural gas. Read more about Bioheat vs. natural gas
  • Superior equipment service — All our service technicians are Westmore Fuel employees who have received the best training and certification. That means you can expect consistently expert, clean and courteous heating equipment service from our service department team.
  • Reducing heating costs for customers — Westmore Fuel remains committed to helping its customers reduce the cost to heat their homes. Through higher-efficiency fuels and heating oil systems, as well as the technology of smart-homes conservation, Westmore Fuel does everything we can to help customers lower their energy consumption. We also offer multiple pricing and payment options to help manage costs.
  • Delivering a remarkably safe heating fuel — Heating oil is not explosive — it won’t even burn if a lit match is dropped into it. An oil burner heats oil to 140 degrees and atomizes it to make it ignite. A heating oil system also cannot generate dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the home without first emitting visible warning signs of a system malfunction. See Bioheat® vs. Natural Gas.

Westmore’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

Westmore’s policy has long stressed our fundamental commitment to comply with all environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. Although 100% compliance is an operational goal, accidents of permitted levels can occur.

Westmore Fuel believes that any occupational injury or illness is unacceptable and we are committed to continuous improvement of our health and safety performance. One of our highest priorities is to provide a safe and healthy workplace. We also expect our employees to take individual responsibility for their own health and safety and to exhibit and encourage safe work behaviors. Westmore has enacted the following principles and measures to achieve a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Westmore Fuel:

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From Port Chester to Stamford to Greenwich and communities in between, Westmore Fuel has been taking care of our customers in New York and Connecticut since 1938. See our full history.
  • looks after the health and safety of our employees
  • cares about how our products and operations affect our employees, neighbors and customers
  • minimizes pollution and prevents damage to the environment
  • prevents accidents, injuries and occupational illness through the active participation of all employees in our EHS program to achieve zero job-related injuries
  • maintains an open dialogue with employees, customers, and other interested parties to improve our EHS performance
  • eliminates risks through constant assessment of our products, handling procedures and operating practices to provide the appropriate level of safety for our employees and the environment
  • conducts our business in compliance with New York and Connecticut laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the environment, health and safety
  • provides appropriate information to employees to improve awareness of safety and health and to update them of developments in EHS policies or changes in New York and Connecticut laws, rules and regulations
  • creates a safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers and visitors to our office and marine storage terminal
  • supervises our work environment to prevent all injuries by seeking the involvement of everyone from the top to the bottom
  • assesses our supply chain and business partners to improve on our EHS performance and to minimize the impact from transportation
  • facilitates our employees’ understanding of their EHS responsibilities and to encourage active participation in our EHS programs
  • embraces the latest developments in technology for continued improvement in our EHS performance
  • delivers Bioheat® fuel to our customers at no additional charge
  • offers electronic billing statements to save paper

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