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Claim your Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit for Bioheat® fuel

Bioheat® Fuel

New York State has an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—40% fewer by 2030. That’s one reason the state encourages the use of clean-burning Bioheat® fuel, providing a 20-cents-per-gallon tax credit on your state income taxes.

At the beginning of each year, we mail our customers an annual usage statement listing all deliveries by date and gallons delivered so they can apply for the Clean Heating Fuel Credit. Around that time, we will also post links to a current tax-credit claim form and instructions for your convenience. Please click the links below for further details about the Clean Heating Fuel Credit.

This tax credit is only valid for New York State residents who use more than a B5 blend. Since New York State requires that heating oil contain 5% Bioheat® fuel, all heating oil dealers in the state must deliver a minimum B5 Bioheat® fuel blend—but there is no tax credit for only B5. So, don’t be fooled just because a heating oil dealer calls it Bioheat® fuel. It’s not the same as ours and it doesn’t mean you get an automatic tax credit.

These annual tax credits for B20 Bioheat® fuel save our average customer $200 each year! This is just one of the many benefits of being a Westmore Fuel customer. See the Westmore Difference to learn about other benefits of doing business with us.

NY Bioheat® Fuel Tax Credit form
NY Bioheat® Fuel Tax Instructions
NY Bioheat® Fuel Corporation Tax Credit Form
NY Bioheat Fuel Corporation Tax Instructions

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