Westmore customer for over fifty years!

Would highly recommend Westmore as a dedicated, caring provider of fuel oil. With a great dedicated staff of caring and customer related individuals!! Would highly recommend Westmore to anyone in need of a new service provider.
— James C.

Great Company

Westmore Fuel has been delivering oil and servicing my burner for 25 years. They are fair and reliable. Anyone can sell oil. They sell much more.
— Anthony S.

Very good with all services

The Company is great with all its services and how they handle customers; it is a throwback to the days when customer service and care were paramount!!!
— Gerald B.

Westmore is quietly reliable

Westmore is there when you need them, by phone or at home. They are quietly reliable. I trust them to make deliveries and to be available for quick service when something goes wrong.
— Rob G.

Westmore’s Continued Excellence

For decades Westmore Fuel has done an outstanding job of honoring their contractual obligations. Their loyal employees excel in Customer Service, Maintenance/Repair and timely, courteous deliveries. One service provider I never have to worry about!
— John W.

Very reliable

Fuel deliveries are always on time and the staff is courteous and helpful.
— Charles M.

Long time customer

I have been with Westmore for over 30 years and not once have I had a problem with service or delivery. Yes some of these large faceless companies have offered me a lower price but I want a family owned business that knows me and my needs.
— Tina C.