Commercial Fuel

On-Road and Off-Road Biodiesel for Your Business

For decades now, Westmore Fuel has provided commercial fuel services for businesses large and small throughout the Greenwich, CT, and Port Chester, NY, area.

Our many commercial fuel customers know they can depend on us for fair and transparent prices, high-quality products, convenient programs, and the most dependable biodiesel delivery service around.

Reach out to our experienced commercial fuel staff, and they will design a customized program tailored to the specific requirements of your Connecticut or New York business. Then, count on us to take the stress and guesswork out of your daily fuel needs when you become a Westmore commercial fuel customer.

Types of Commercial Fuel from Westmore Fuel

A variety of businesses in Connecticut and New York have chosen Westmore Fuel to meet all their commercial fueling needs.

We work with any business that owns diesel-operated vehicles, from a few trucks to big fleets. We are also a fuel supplier for any business that relies on heating oil for their space heating and water heating needs. Our heating oil is ultra-low-sulfur petroleum that’s been blended with off-road renewable biodiesel, which results in few carbon emissions and greater heating efficiency.

Current businesses we supply with commercial fuel include:

  • construction companies
  • moving companies
  • waste hauling companies
  • school bus/shuttle bus companies
  • state highway/transportation departments
  • utility companies
  • watercraft operation (tugboats, barges, marinas, ferries, etc.)
  • warehouses
  • schools and hospitals
  • landscapers
  • food service

Biodiesel: the Most Advanced Commercial Fuel

Biodiesel is the first and only EPA-designated advanced biofuel in commercial-scale production across the country. Biodiesel blends produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional diesel fuel.

Westmore Fuel blends and rack injects biodiesel at our own marine storage terminal. From there, we can deliver the biodiesel to your on-site storage tank or provide turn-key storage tank options upon request.

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Motor Fuel for Biodiesel Fleet Fueling

Westmore Fuel makes managing the fuel supply for your fleet vehicles and equipment easy with our on-site biodiesel fleet fueling services.

On-site fleet fueling with biodiesel saves your business money because your employees won’t lose time refueling at off-site filling stations. Read about motor fuel for biodiesel fleet fueling.

Heating Oil (Bioheat® Fuel) to Warm Your Business

The blending of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel enables us to supply you with Bioheat® fuel, which dramatically reduces emissions of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. The overall use of Bioheat® fuel eliminates thousands of metric tons of carbon dioxide each year in Connecticut and New York!

Westmore Fuel now offers blends from 5% to 99%, all of which are mixed at our own 1.2-million-gallon marine storage terminal.

Our commercial customers in New York State can also claim up to a 20-cent-per-gallon tax credit when they submit their state income tax forms because they use Bioheat® fuel.
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Why Choose Westmore for Your Commercial Fuel?

Westmore Fuel provides the same superb and attentive service to our commercial clients as we do for our residential customers. We’re committed to delivering unbeatable value that goes beyond competitive prices. Our friendly staff has many years of fuel management expertise that takes the stress and guesswork out of managing your commercial fuel deliveries. We provide easy ordering and on-time deliveries so you can keep your focus on your business — and your fleets on the road or on the waterways.

To receive an expert analysis and a quote for your commercial fuel needs, call our expert William Hozel at 800-906-4853.

We also invite you to fill out the short form on this page and tell us how we can help your business go farther with Westmore Fuel.

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