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Biodiesel for Your Fleet Fuel

Do you have on-road vehicles or off-road equipment that are powered by diesel fuel? Westmore Fuel is a specialist in on-site fueling, also known as fleet fueling. We deliver on-road biodiesel-blended fuel throughout the year to fueling stations, trucking and bus companies, municipalities, marinas, and other companies that rely on a secure and reliable supply of diesel fuel to drive business forward. road biodiesel-blended fuel throughout the year to fueling stations, trucking and bus companies, municipalities, marinas and other companies with fleets of vehicles or watercrafts.

Tank Solutions for On-site Fleet Fueling in NY and CT

Westmore Fuel makes managing the fuel supply for your fleet vehicles and other equipment easy with our on-site fleet fueling services. If you don’t currently have a fuel storage tank on your site, we can help you there, too.

Westmore Fuel has partnered with Western Global to make it easy for your business to save money and time with our fleet fueling services. As an example, Western Global provides different types of fuel storage tanks, along with parts and accessories that are designed to keep your job site running smoothly, including its FuelCube models.

When you rely on Westmore Fuel for on-site fleet fueling, all you need to do is tell us where and when you want your on-site fuel delivery, and we’ll be there to pump our biodiesel fuel into your on-site bulk storage tank.

You can then rest a little easier knowing you have improved both employee productivity and safety. You’ll also be guaranteed access to high-quality diesel fleet fuel while reducing wear and tear on vehicles by eliminating time-consuming trips to off-site diesel fueling stations.

And last but certainly not least, your business will reduce greenhouse gas emissions considerably by using our clean-burning, renewable biodiesel fuel.

7 Benefits of Biodiesel as a Motor Fuel or Marine Fuel

  1. All diesel-operated vehicles
  2. Construction companies
  3. Fleet vehicles
  4. Sanitation haulers
  5. School buses
  6. State highway and transportation departments
  7. Utility companies
  8. Watercrafts

Benefits of biodiesel

  • It’s ready to use now — no engine modifications are needed.
  • High-performance diesel multifunctional additives extend preventative maintenance intervals. These additives include anti-foulant, fuel stabilizer, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and lubricity agents.
  • The combination of high-quality fuel and additives helps eliminate black filter added expenses and increases lubricity in the engine to improve uptime and restore fuel economy.
  • Biodiesel improves air quality with reduced carbon (CO2) emissions.
  • It supports energy independence since it’s domestically produced.
  • Using biodiesel establishes your company as being committed to green, clean energy alternatives for the environment and your community.
  • Biodiesel is safe and non-toxic.

Biodiesel Doesn’t Reduce Engine Performance

Diesel engines that operate on B5 biodiesel blends have fuel consumption, horsepower, and torque that are similar to engines running on 100% petroleum diesel. B5 users have reported that there are no negative effects on performance or fuel economy.

Biodiesel also provides you with the benefit of reduced emissions, especially for engines manufactured before 2010. For engines equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, the air quality benefits are the same whether running on biodiesel or petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel also results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional diesel fuel. The emissions reduction is roughly commensurate with the blend level; that is, a B5 blend would have 5% of the emissions reduction benefit of B100.

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Clean Fuels Alliance America
EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page (

Emissions Calculator:
Use this calculator from the Chevron Renewable Energy Group to see how much you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you replace petroleum diesel with bio-based diesel fuel.

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