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Service Plans

Save on heating repairs, conserve fuel, enjoy peace of mind

Who can afford the time or inconvenience of a broken heating system? Most repairs can cost hundreds of dollars—and most equipment breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst times.

That’s why many of our customers enroll in one of our heating oil service plans to guarantee their comfort—and to save money. We offer two options.

  1. WatchGuard™ Ultra 24-Hour Plan
  2. Gold Plus 24-Hour Plan

Benefits of enrolling in a Westmore Fuel heating oil service plan

  • You’ll help your equipment to maintain efficiency and prevent breakdowns. A heating system that does not get annual maintenance could lose 5% efficiency every year. That means professional heating system maintenance will often pay for itself in energy-efficiency savings alone. With regular annual service visits, our expert heating technicians can spot small problems before they become big ones, often helping you to avoid a costly breakdown.
  • You’ll save on covered repairs. You’ll get full coverage on all covered parts and labor, WatchGuard Ultra covers over $3,000’s worth of parts; the higher-level Gold Plus covers $5,000’s worth of parts.
  • You’ll get 24-hour emergency service with telephone support from one of our on-call service technicians.
  • You can add coverage for your oil-fired water heater.

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