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There are a lot of factors that contribute to heating oil prices in Connecticut. Heating oil, like gasoline and diesel fuel, is a finished product derived from crude oil, so its price is closely tied to the price of crude oil. U.S. production of crude oil has soared in recent years, and that has contributed to relatively stable prices.

But everything from the weather to global politics can influence the energy markets and affect the price. On a local level, seasonal demand, operational costs and even competition between dealers can result in price fluctuation.

The Westmore Advantage: why we’re the best choice for heating oil

Supply and demand will always play a role in fuel prices. But when you make Westmore Fuel your home heating oil company, you have a distinct edge in terms of heating oil prices in Connecticut.

After the oil embargo in 1974, we made a commitment to always have a reliable supply of fuel for our customers. In 1982, we made our first investment toward that goal, buying a bulk fuel terminal. Soon after, we purchased a 1.2-million-gallon marine storage terminal in Port Chester.

These facilities, combined with strong strategic partnerships with our suppliers, enable us to guarantee Westmore Fuel customers an uninterrupted supply of fuel and some protection against spikes in the price of heating oil.

Bioheat® fuel: more value per gallon

Not all oil is the same. The quality of the oil in your tank has a big impact on how efficiently your system runs, how long your equipment lasts and how much fuel you need to burn to keep your home comfortable.

Westmore’s B20 Bioheat® fuel is the cleanest fuel on the market. A blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, Westmore’s B20 Bioheat® fuel burns more efficiently, helping you keep heating costs down and giving you more value per gallon.

Westmore’s Bioheat fuel also helps the environment. Bioheat fuel is proven to burn more cleanly than natural gas, and it dramatically reduces emissions of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. Because biodiesel is made from renewable resources like soybean oil, it’s also a great way to decrease our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Oil pricing plans: keeping the cost of heating oil manageable

Prices will always ebb and flow somewhat. That’s why we offer programs designed to help you save money and keep your heating bills manageable no matter what happens with heating oil prices.

  • Capped Oil Price contract—Westmore’s Capped Oil Price contract gives you the security of knowing that your Oil Price will never go higher than your cap price. However, should Westmore’s daily market price fall below your cap, you’ll enjoy the benefit of the lower price. There is an up-front per gallon fee required to enter into a Capped Oil Price contract.
  • Fixed Oil Price contract—The Fixed Oil Price contract is for anyone who wants the security of locking in a set price. With a Fixed Price contract, you will never pay more than your set rate for your fuel. If prices should fall, you will still pay your fixed price—even if it’s higher than Westmore’s daily market price. There is an up-front flat fee required to enter into a Fixed Oil Price contract.
  • Daily Market Rate plan—If you want to pay the going rate for oil, choose our Daily Market Rate plan. The rate you pay for fuel will fluctuate with energy prices. There is no fee associated with this plan.

Have questions about any of our heating oil pricing plans, or unsure which is the best plan for you? Give us a call or email us and our knowledgeable team can help you understand your options.

If you are a Westmore Fuel customer, you can access your online account and view our latest pricing offers.

Heating oil prices: we give you the information you need

Westmore Fuel is committed to getting our customers the best price for heating oil. We do that in many ways—by maintaining a good supply and strong relationships with our supply chain and by delivering a quality product for true value.

We believe an educated customer is more confident in his or her choices, and we want you to be confident when you choose Westmore Fuel as your heating oil company.

That’s why we make it easy for you to stay up to date on the latest heating oil prices in Connecticut. We do the same for our New York customers.

We also encourage you to read Westmore’s monthly Heating Oil Price Reports. They provide an overview of trends in the heating oil, crude oil, gasoline and natural gas markets to give you a deeper understanding of where prices may be headed and why.

More ways to save on heating oil: minimize expenses, maximize comfort

We are always looking for ways to help our customers keep heating oil costs manageable without sacrificing comfort and convenience. We appreciate your business and we will continue to do everything possible to provide you with the best value for your hard-earned money. Please keep these tips in mind:

  • Make maintenance a priority. Don’t skip heating tune-ups. Keeping your system operating at peak efficiency can help you lower your heating costs by as much as 10%. A tune-up can also help reduce the chance of a breakdown. call or email us to request your tune-up, or sign up for a service plan, which includes yearly equipment maintenance and big savings on repairs.
  • Check your insulation. Except for brand-new construction, most homes are riddled with places for heated (and cooled) air to escape. Get a duct inspection and evaluate your home’s insulation. You could save 25% or more by properly insulating walls and ceilings and by sealing, caulking and weather-stripping your windows and doors.
  • Rethink switching fuels. According to the Consumer Energy Council of America, switching fuels is “a costly and long-term gamble.” Cold-weather pipeline problems can cause natural gas supply slowdowns or even complete shutoffs for people who rely on gas heat. Plus, conversion to natural gas can cost you thousands more than you would pay to upgrade to an efficient, clean-burning oil heating system. Read more about Bioheat vs. natural gas.
  • Invest in efficiency. New high-efficiency heating equipment can help reduce your heating oil costs by 20% or more. These systems perform better and heat your home more evenly. If you’re thinking about updating your heating equipment, we can help you assess your needs and make the best choice for your home and your budget.

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