Written on: April 4, 2017

You probably know that a programmable thermostat is, dollar for dollar, one of the best ways to save energy in your home (it can basically pay for itself in as little as one year, according to the EPA).

But what about “Smart” (wireless) thermostats – are they worth investigating?

How a wireless thermostat works

Thermostats control the temperature of your home via your HVAC system (some can even control humidity). A programmable thermostat takes that functionality up a notch by allowing you to change temperatures automatically via a timer throughout the day –lowering them at night or when no one is home, for example.

But smart / wireless thermostats go even further by learning your behaviors and adjusting to them automatically – and by giving you remote access to your home heating and cooling systems via an app on your smartphone.

Imagine being able to crank the heat when you’re on vacation to prevent the pipes from freezing – or turn on the AC hours before you arrive home on a hot day – all from the comfort of your cell phone?

The bottom line: Smart thermostats are a great and surprisingly affordable way to add unprecedented control and convenience to your home climate management – and to save money in the process.

Lower your bills and control your home heating and cooling from anywhere, any time! Contact us today for a FREE estimate on a wireless thermostat for your Long Island home!