Written on: June 18, 2018

Predictable Is Good: Sign up for the Westmore Scheduled Payment Plan

We’ve had some crazy weather over the last year – it seems like 30 degree temperature swings in a single day have become commonplace.

That was particularly true last winter: If you remember (or maybe you’ve blocked it out now that summer is almost here), temperatures dropped from the 40s around the holidays into the single digits for almost two weeks – then went up briefly only to plummet again later in the month.

For our pay-as-you-go customers, that meant getting some heating bill “surprises” in their mail boxes last February and March.

But our Scheduled Payment Plan customers didn’t get those surprises – they knew what they were going to pay for their fuel oil every month the moment they signed on.

That’s because our Payment Plan splits your annual heating bill into 11 equal payments (with one adjustment bill) so you will avoid paying 80 percent of it in the short winter season. Imagine having the same monthly payment no matter how much heating oil you use!

If you want even more convenience, add our AutoPay option and never think about your heating payments again. And did we mention that signing up for our Payment Plan is FREE?

We know the last thing you’re probably thinking about as we inch closer to July 4th Weekend is high home heating bills. But that’s exactly why it’s a great idea to get the headache out of the way now – just in time to kick back for some Independence Day celebrating.

Plan ahead – sign up for Westmore’s Scheduled Payment Plan today and get more predictable heating bills in the 2018-2019 heating season!