Written on: November 12, 2019

Want to Manage Your Own Heating Oil Deliveries in CT & NY?

If you’re a resident or homeowner living in or around Westchester and Fairfield Counties, chances are that you use home heating oil to keep your residence safe and warm. Fuel oil is a top choice for residents on the NY/CT border because of its safety, reliability, and fair price.

If you’re interested in automatic heating oil delivery, you can get that right here at Westmore Fuel; but, if you prefer to manage your own heating oil deliveries, ordering online from a local delivery company is the best way. Have you considered ordering from Westmore Oil Express?

Westmore Oil Express

Westmore Oil Express is our online oil ordering system. It offers oil price quotes, oil ordering, and refer-a-friend deals—all online and available 24/7! If you like monitoring your oil tank gauge and fuel level and managing your own heating fuel oil orders, Westmore Oil Express is the choice for you. Visit Westmore Oil Express to take advantage of the convenient online ordering system and free daily price quotes.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use an Online Local Oil Delivery Company?

This is a question we get frequently. The biggest difference is that customers who prefer to be on automatic home heating oil delivery order from full-service home comfort companies like Westmore Fuel. People who prefer to manage their own deliveries, on the other hand, tend to go with an online local delivery company like Westmore Oil Express. There are benefits to both, and your fuel ordering preference will help you determine which option will be the best fit for your NY or CT home.

Are There Other Benefits of Ordering from Westmore Oil Express?

There are! While the primary reason to order from Westmore Oil Express is that you enjoy managing your own oil orders, there are other benefits as well. Check some out here:

Like Managing Your Own Oil Orders?

Visit Westmore Oil Express today to check out the many features and decide if an online discount oil delivery provider is the right choice for your home or family. Click here to check out the site!