Written on: June 26, 2023

When Is the Best Time to Replace an Oil Tank?

Take Advantage of the Summer Lull

oil tank replacement Port Chester, NY While heating oil tanks can be replaced any time of year, the warm weather months are the ideal time to upgrade since it will cause as little as disruption as possible. And since this is the off-season for heating equipment service, it will be much easier to get an appointment that is most convenient for you.

Be Aware of the Warning Signs of a Failing Tank

Besides getting periodic professional tank inspections to examine the integrity of your tank, you should also do your own visual inspections because some trouble signs can actually be seen, including:

Oil Tank Installation and Removal in NY and CT

Westmore Fuel has eight decades of experience in installing heating oil tanks for homes and businesses in New York and Connecticut. Our installation crews work quickly and efficiently, and always show respect for your property.

The same Westmore Fuel crews can remove your existing aboveground or underground tank. We will then replace it with a new storage unit, in the same or a different location. As with any of our installation services, we will clean up the area before we consider the job fully completed.

Backhoe Service for Underground Oil Tanks

We use a backhoe for underground tank installations and removals. We will coordinate with you in advance to make sure we have access to the tank install location and that the area is free of obstructions. Once the tank is installed and the backhoe is off your property, we manicure the area to return it to its normal state.

Options in New Aboveground Oil Tanks

Today’s fuel storage tanks are light-years ahead of old models, because they are virtually leakproof and have features that include:

We will help you make your choice based on your fuel usage volume, the installation location terrain and any municipal or commercial regulations in your area.

Heating Oil Tank Maintenance in NY and CT

The heating oil tanks we install are strong and well made. However, since they are exposed to the elements or to underground moisture, it’s a good idea to have a Westmore Fuel expert inspect your oil tank at least once a year. This inspection is particularly important once your tank is five or more years old or is in a very exposed location.

Once your tank is installed, you can rest easy: Westmore Fuel provides reliable heating oil deliveries, and offers service plan coverage that includes 24/7 emergency service.

Request a FREE estimate on a new heating oil tank today! Westmore also offers financing for your new heating oil tank.