Written on: September 25, 2023

Troubleshooting Tips in Case You Can’t Get Heat

heating service White Plains, NY While there are a lot of treats to savor during the autumn season in New York and Connecticut, there is still the trick of making sure you stay warm and comfortable when temperatures drop and the fall chill sets in.

With that in mind, here is a review of what to look for in case your heating oil boiler or heating oil furnace stops generating heat.

Check for Power Problems

If your heater isn’t turning on, check to see if the power switches to your oil boiler or oil furnace have been accidentally turned off.

If you find that the power switches for your heating system have been turned off by mistake, simply turn the electrical switches back to the “on” position and your problem may be solved.

If your power switches are not the problem, check your circuit breaker box to see if all circuit switches are still in the “on” position. Flipping the proper switch to “on” again may be all you need to get your system running again.

However, please keep this in mind: a circuit breaker rarely ever trips for no reason. If this happens once and never happens again, it may be just a fluke. But if this happens more than once, call us for service, as this could indicate a serious problem.

Thermostat Troubles

Many instances of heating systems not working can be traced to the thermostat, which sends a signal to your boiler or furnace to call for heat. But this signal may be interrupted if the wiring of the thermostat has begun to deteriorate. A build-up of dust inside your thermostat is another common reason why your thermostat is not operating correctly. Another thing to look for are weak or dead batteries in the thermostat.

No Heating Oil

Obviously, if this is the problem, you need to contact us asap for a heating oil delivery and when you call make sure we have your home on automatic delivery and tell us if you are using more oil than usual for domestic hot water or heat.

Reset Button

If you haven’t found the problem yet, press the reset button on the oil burner only once. Pushing it more than once could flood your system with oil, resulting in a costly repair. If the burner starts but stops again after a few minutes, you should call for service.

24/7 Emergency Heating Service from Westmore Fuel

Our emergency operators are always on call to dispatch a service technician at any time for our customers. Westmore offers true 24/7 emergency service with an average response time of under two hours.

With countless years of experience in repairing heating systems of all models and types, our service team is ready for any challenge—backed by fully-stocked service vehicles that are filled with the parts and tools needed to get your heat up and running again.

Whether you need a quick fix or a long-term replacement system, you can trust your friends at Westmore Fuel to provide professional, reliable and speedy service that will restore your heat and your peace of mind.

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