Written on: February 26, 2024

Choosing a New Water Heater

Ensure You Always Have Enough Hot Water

water heater Greenwich, CT Next to heating and cooling, heating your water is the next largest use of energy in your New York or Connecticut home. It usually accounts for nearly 20% of your energy costs. That’s no surprise, since the average household uses 65 gallons of hot water a day for showers, dishwashing, washing clothes and other normal chores.

If you’re relying on an old, inefficient electric water heater, you can do better by switching to a much more efficient oil-powered water heater. Heating oil uses a lot less energy than electricity for heating water and it’s better for the environment. And it will solve the problem of constantly running out of hot water. Here’s why.

First, an oil-fired water heater heats water much faster and for less money, compared to an electric water heater. You should never run out of hot water when you rely on an oil-powered water heater!

Second, electricity made at a coal-fired or natural power plant generates significantly more carbon dioxide emissions than heating oil. Make the switch to an oil-powered water heating unit fueled by our eco-friendly B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel and you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.

Today’s oil-fired water heater technology is also far superior to older models, which will guarantee you water heating savings for years to come.

What Is an Indirect-fired Oil Water Heater?

Indirect-fired water heaters use the burner inside your heating oil boiler to heat your tap water. Anytime your boiler is heating your home, your indirect water heater works free because it’s not using extra energy. An indirect-fired water heater is one of the most efficient water heating options available, and Westmore Fuel offers professional installation of these units from top manufacturers.

What Is a Direct-fired Oil Water Heater?

A direct-fired water heater is the kind of water heating that most people know well. It’s the most common type of water heater, with a dedicated burner inside to heat water that is stored in a tank. As you use the water in the tank, the supply of hot water is constantly replenished. This is a good choice if you heat your New York or Connecticut home with a warm-air furnace, instead of a hydronic system (boiler) that uses hot water or steam to heat your home.

Signs That It’s Time for a New Water Heater

Running out of hot water is only one signal that you would do well to upgrade your old water heater. Here are five other issues to consider.

  1. Age of unit. The life expectancy of an average tank water heater ranges from 7 to 13 years. If your water heater is 10 years old or older, don’t wait until it breaks. Start researching your replacement options now.
  2. Higher bills. If your bills keep getting higher even though not much has changed in your household, your water heater is probably overworking to do its job – and suffering from inefficiency as a result.
  3. Rusty water. If the water is clear from your cold water tap but looks rusty when it comes out of the hot water tap, it usually means your old water heater is corroding. If you start to see rust form on the outside of the tank, there’s not much time left.
  4. Water stains. White stains on your utensils and glassware are common signs of hard (mineral-containing) water. Dry, itchy skin and dull, scratchy clothing are others. Your water supply could be hard to begin with, or the problem could be the result of a long-term build-up of lime in your tank; either way, those minerals will reduce efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your water heater.
  5. Unusual noises. Growling or gurgling noises coming from your storage tank are usually a sure sign of sediment build-up – a problem that eventually leads to costly water heater repairs or a premature replacement if it is not addressed with proper maintenance service.

Water Heater Service and Repair in NY and CT

You can have confidence that the certified and experienced Westmore Fuel technicians who arrive at your home to install your new water heater have been thoroughly trained to do the job. Plus, every water heater we install is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and we stand behind our installations with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you want to replace your old water heater now or simply want to learn more for future reference, one of our water heater equipment experts will be happy to give you advice.

Westmore Fuel is your best choice for hot water heater installation in Greenwich, CT and beyond. We have decades of experience in evaluating our customers’ hot water needs. We will be happy to review your usage and provide a free estimate for the cost of a new hot water heater, along with the expected savings you will experience with your new unit. You can trust the professionals at Westmore Fuel to provide friendly, reliable and speedy service that will restore your hot water and your peace of mind.

Please reach out to us today to request a free estimate on a new oil-powered water heater installation.