The Cleanest and Most Efficient Heating Oil for All

Richard C. Bologna

Dear Friends,

When I was the president of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, one of my biggest priorities was to deliver the cleanest, greenest, most efficient fuel to all our customers. After more than six years, I’m thrilled that we’ve finally reached that goal.

While New York has required ultra-low-sulfur heating oil for years now, Connecticut is finally joining it. As of July, all heating oil delivered in Connecticut must be ultra-low in sulfur.

Reduced sulfur content means cleaner-burning fuel that’s kinder to your equipment. There’s less sediment, fewer clogs and far fewer breakdowns.

This gives heating oil another competitive edge over natural gas, making it even wiser to stay with heating oil.

The bottom line: ultra-low-sulfur heating oil burns more efficiently, helping you keep heating costs down and giving you more value per gallon for your dollar.

That’s great news as we head into the colder weather. Westmore Fuel has lots of ways to help you manage heating costs and stay comfortable this winter, from tune-ups and service plans to multiple options for purchasing and paying for your fuel.

If you’ve been through the “winter wars” with us before, you know that you can count on Westmore Fuel for dependable deliveries and emergency service no matter how bad the weather gets.

Richard C. Bologna

Customize Your Fuel Purchases This Winter

We make it easy to arrange how you pay for your fuel, with plenty of options so you can find a plan that’s right for you. Since prices remain on the volatile side, we think it’s more important than ever to give you varied options.

Payment plans

For maximum convenience, enroll in EvenPay. About 50% of our customers choose this option, because it guarantees predictable bills and can cut your winter payments in half. Depending on when you enroll, we even out your payments for as many as 11 months. Many EvenPay customers also choose AutoPay.

Pricing plans

  • Daily Market Rate: Pay the going rate for oil on the day we deliver. There are no fees or restrictions.
  • Capped Price: Your price will never go higher than the cap price, but it can go down if market prices drop. However, we need to charge a 20¢-per -gallon up-front fee on behalf of our suppliers for this type of two-way price insurance.
  • Fixed Price: Consider this one-way price insurance. You never pay more than your fixed rate, but if market prices should fall, you will still pay the same fixed price — even if it’s higher than the daily market price. This plan requires a 10¢-per -gallon up-front fee.

Our knowledgeable team will be glad to walk you through your options, and we’ll email you a price contract. You can also log in to your account on our site to view our latest pricing offers.

Comfort and Savings: Finding Your Balance

This is the time of year when you want to make wise choices to stay comfortable while you keep your energy costs under control. Here are some tips to help you.

Stay with Heating Oil


In just the past few years, we have seen significant improvements in oil heat’s efficiency and cleanliness, thanks in large part to vast reductions in the sulfur content of heating oil.

Moving forward, heating oil will burn even more cleanly, and with lower emissions, than natural gas. You will also experience better heating efficiency and easier maintenance since today’s high quality heating oil creates fewer deposits inside your boiler or furnace.

Heating oil also includes biofuel — a blend of clean-burning heating oil and renewable materials, like vegetable oils. Because it integrates seamlessly with all heating oil systems, no changes to your heating system are necessary!

Research continues on developing oil heat equipment and biofuel blends. The mission: To transition to even higher levels of biofuel that can be matched to highly efficient, groundbreaking equipment. Don’t miss out!

Put Your Comfort on Automatic

Do you get automatic deliveries? When you’re on our automatic delivery schedule, we’ll know when you need fuel and we can adjust your schedule with the weather forecast. If you call in your order, you run the risk of running out, especially during super-cold temperatures, when you burn through much more fuel than usual, and everyone is calling in at once.

Get the Most from Your Heating System

To get the most out of your oil heat system, check out these tips on how to keep it running safely and efficiently.

Cat on heater

  • Keep the area around your system as clean and clutter free as possible. Never store anything flammable near your system!
  • Keep registers, baseboards and radiators clean and unobstructed to ensure maximum airflow.
  • If you have a steam boiler, check the water gauge periodically. Low water levels are a leading cause for shutdowns. Steam boilers should also be “flushed” when the water in the gauge looks rusty.
  • If you have an oil furnace, change or clean the filter on a regular basis during the heating season. Dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris all get trapped by your filter. A dirty filter compromises efficiency and can even result in a shutdown.
  • Never set your thermostat below 60 degrees. When your thermostat setting is too low, you risk frozen pipes. Water pipes near outside walls or in unheated spaces are especially prone to freeze-ups.

Raising Smart to a Higher Degree

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great addition for an oil-heated home. A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat allows you to view and change temperature settings, check local weather conditions and more, all from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Once the smart thermostat gets installed, you register it online. This enables access from any location. If you’re away from home, you can use your phone or tablet to adjust the temperature setting so your home is at the perfect temperature when you return.

Some thermostat models even allow you to adjust temperatures to your comfort and over the next few days your thermostat will “remember” the temperatures you like and build a schedule based on your patterns. This is a smart way to save on energy costs year round.

Safety Corner

Carbon monoxide alarm

You probably already know that oil heat poses a very low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If an oil burner malfunctions (most often due to a lack of maintenance), the safety devices in the unit will typically shut the furnace or boiler off.

Plus, you will usually see smoke coming from your boiler or furnace to indicate that something is wrong. A gas heating system, on the other hand, usually does not issue a visual warning sign if there is a carbon monoxide problem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that oil heat consumers shouldn’t have working carbon monoxide detectors inside their homes, especially near all bedrooms. There are many sources for carbon monoxide leaks, including the following:

  • back drafts, caused by pressure imbalances near the heating system
  • an idling vehicle that’s been left in an attached garage
  • a blocked flue

In Memoriam: Glenn Nadin

Glenn Nadin

Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, Glenn worked in the industry for more than 50 years, including more than 30 years as Westmore’s service manager. Those who knew him and worked with him will never forget him.

He was an honest, caring man who would help anyone who asked. He enjoyed spending time with his beloved wife, Lynda, and the rest of his family. His overriding goal was to always make Lynda happy.

Glenn was a member of the Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist, and extremely active at the Adoration Chapel at St. John Fisher Seminary.

We will never again pass a lighthouse without thinking of Glenn, who was always entranced by these majestic structures.

We all suffered an enormous loss with the passing of Glenn Nadin, on June 20, 2018.

Ask the Expert

Carmen Bueno

Q: What’s the difference between AutoPay and EvenPay?

A: Both programs make it easier to manage and pay your fuel bills, and they work great together. AutoPay lets you pay your bill automatically from your bank account or via credit card. This saves time, saves money on stamps, and eliminates paperwork.

Combined with e-billing, you’ll enjoy reduced paper clutter and the convenience of having your statements and payment records in one secure digital space.

Meanwhile, EvenPay averages out your fuel costs for as many as 11 months, so you have regular, predictable bills, rather than a couple of big ones in the winter. When you combine EvenPay and AutoPay, you can really streamline paying for fuel.

It’s quick and easy to get set up — and we now accept all major credit cards, including American Express. Just give us a call or email us to request enrollment.

Why Are New York Customers Saving $200 a Year?

Westmore Fuel is the only fuel company in the area that delivers heating oil with a 20% biofuel blend. Our B20 Bioheat® fuel is the cleanest-burning fuel available; it not only helps the environment, it helps your wallet too!

On the computer with paper

By using Westmore’s B20 Bioheat, New York residents can apply for a 20¢-per-gallon clean-fuel state tax credit. Our typical New York customer saves $200 each year with this tax credit.

But the tax credit is only valid for residents who use more than a B5 blend. Since New York requires that heating oil contain 5% Bioheat, all oil dealers in the state deliver a B5 Bioheat — but there is no tax credit for only B5. So, don’t be fooled. Just because they call it Bioheat, it’s not the same as ours and it doesn’t mean you get a tax credit.