Written on: October 14, 2015

Pay for your Fuel in a Way that’s Fast, Easy, and Convenient

Winter can be a tough season, as many of us already know, and the last thing you need is more to worry about when you’re dealing with bad weather.

That’s why we provide programs that offer you convenience, so you don’t have to think about anything that might add to the stress of the season.

One such program is AutoPay, a plan that allows us to automatically bill your credit card or bank account. We can do this whether you’re on a monthly payment plan or pay as you go. AutoPay is fast, easy and convenient, and that’s why more than 25% of our customers now use this program.

And if your credit card company offers you reward points, that’s even more of a great reason to get started! And it not only saves our customers money on stamps and checks, it also saves an enormous amount of paper — and that’s good for the environment. Just go here to sign up.

You can save even more paper by getting your statement sent by email. Just click here.

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