Written on: January 4, 2017

Use Your Boiler to Heat Your Home and Your Water – and Save Money, Too!

When it comes to saving money on monthly energy bills, not all boilers – not even boilers with the same AFUE rating – are created equal.

Here’s why: AFUE only accounts for the efficiency of the boiler itself; it doesn’t consider all the other ways energy is lost while delivering heat to your home, including:

However, there is one type of boiler that overcomes many of these problems to keep fuel efficiency high and bills low: the System 2000 by Energy Kinetics.

System 2000 – Keeping things simple, saving you money

If you’re looking for an innovative heating system that provides heat for your home and its water systems from a single unit while delivering exceptional efficiency performance that saves you money, the System 2000 by Energy Kinetics is the way to go.

The unique design approach of the System 2000 reduces chimney, jacket, idle, and draft regulator loss, significantly cutting your bills. It also heats your water faster (no more cold showers!) and runs quieter than just about any system we install.

Our expert technicians install and service these great units every day, so they’ll know exactly what it takes to get you up and running quickly.

Want to learn if a System 2000 is right for your home? Let’s talk about it! Contact us today for a FREE estimate.