Written on: May 10, 2017

Reliable Supply: A Key Part of the Westmore Advantage

Crippling storms can have a huge impact on heating oil supply and distribution – and during those times, it’s a big advantage to have ready access to an ample supply of quality heating fuel.

As a Westmore customer, you can rest assured that we will always have enough fuel on hand to keep your family safe and comfortable in any weather, thanks to our 1.2 million gallon marine storage terminal. Few fuel dealers in our Connecticut / New York service area have that kind of supply so readily available.

That storage capacity really paid off for customers the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, when we were one of only two local terminals that remained operating. Most dealers had to suspend deliveries because they couldn’t get more oil – but our fleet kept on delivering.

Supply Reliability – just one more reason to choose Westmore! Contact us today to become a Westmore customer!