Written on: August 16, 2017

Our Promise to You: Pay a Fair Price on Every Heating Oil Delivery

If you’re a Westmore Fuel customer (or want to become one), you’ll never have to look at your bill and wonder, “Am I paying a fair price for my heating oil?

That’s because the answer is an emphatic yes – every time.

Want proof? Visit our Heating Oil Price Reports section, where you can compare our prices with the average rates in your area.

Keep in mind that the statewide average price includes those offered by discount delivery companies – dealers that offer no credit terms, no customer support, no pricing or payment programs, and no guarantee that you’ll even get your fuel during a prolonged cold snap when you need it most.

Our price usually falls above the discounters but below the big companies that try to attract you with a low introductory price – only to raise that price once they have you on board.

We don’t play those games with prices – or with you!

Looking for a reliable supplier that offers a fair price on every gallon you buy – plus the services you need to stay comfortable all winter long? Then contact Westmore today!