Written on: January 18, 2018

Reliable Supply in Any Weather

This holiday season, temperatures dropped more than 30 degrees from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day here in Connecticut – and according to the latest forecasts, we’re due for a similar roller coaster ride in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the new normal.

With that kind of climate volatility, having on-hand access to fuel oil can give a fuel supplier a big advantage when it comes to keeping customers safe and warm during a sudden and dangerous cold snap. That’s why we invested in our 1.2 million gallon marine storage terminal back in 1982, and why we continue to forge strategic alliances with regional suppliers to guarantee you an uninterrupted supply of heating oil when you need it most.

No other fuel dealer in our service area has the storage capacity we do – or invests the kind of time, money and effort we do in making sure our fleet is on the road delivering fuel safely every day.

Safe, reliable supply – one of the many reasons to choose Westmore!

In uncertain weather, go for the sure thing: contact us today to become a Westmore customer and experience the Westmore Advantage for yourself!