Written on: December 18, 2018

Help! My Heat Isn’t Working!

If you lose your heat, don’t worry – our expert technicians are there for you 24/7. But sometimes there’s a simple reason you lose heat that you can fix yourself.

Before you contact us for service, take a few minutes to troubleshoot your system – it could potentially save yourself the cost of an unnecessary house call.

If your heating system is not working, try these four things before calling for service:

  1. Make sure you have enough heating oil (your tank should be at least 1/8 full)
  2. Make sure emergency switches are in their “on” or “start” positions
  3. Check the fuses or circuit breakers that control your heating system; replace or reset as needed
    • Make sure your thermostat is set at least five degrees above the current room temperature and that your system is in the “heat” setting; if your thermostat if has a digital screen and it’s blank, you probably need new batteries
  4. As a last resort, press the reset button on the burner only once; if it does not reset, contact us for service

If you take these steps and your heat still doesn’t work, contact us right away and we’ll send a technician to get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

If you need emergency services, Westmore is here to help. PLEASE CALL OUR 24 HOUR PHONE NUMBER at 888-696-4031.