Written on: September 29, 2021

Automatic Delivery: The Answer to an Empty Tank

Have peace of mind about your heating oil supply!

automatic oil deliveryOur customers overwhelmingly love the ease and convenience of our Automatic Delivery service for getting their heating oil.

We utilize your prior heating oil usage and the current temperatures to accurately predict when you’ll require more heating oil. We then schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

If you prefer to have control of when you get a heating oil delivery, you can quickly and easily order it online through our sister company. However, the responsibility for making sure you have heating oil when you need it is all on you.

Here’s how to ready a heating oil tank gauge.

On top of your heating oil tank, look for the transparent plastic tube with markings on it that resemble car fuel gauge numbers: F, ¾, ½, and so on. There is a red marker or a float inside the tube that informs you how much heating oil is in the tank. We urge you to not allow your tank level drop below 25% before requesting a delivery.

If the marker or float is at the bottom of the tube, you are very low on or out of heating oil. Call us immediately at 888-518-5146 or 203-586-0164 to request an emergency heating oil delivery. Our customers get 24/7 emergency delivery and no-heat service.

Heating oil runouts: An expensive error

It’s simple to read your heating oil tank gauge. It’s much more difficult to remember to do so on a regular basis. We understand how busy life can be, and tasks can be forgotten or put off. However, if you don’t check your heating oil tank levels, you run the danger of running low on heating oil or, worse, running out of it.

You won’t have to worry about any of this if you use Automatic Delivery.

Another benefit of Automatic Delivery is that it’s FREE! When you use Automatic Delivery, it allows us to better serve all our customers. We only deliver heating oil when you need it, as we know when you require heating oil. Automated delivery increases our efficiency and allows us to service more customers each day by streamlining our deliveries. We can also be more flexible and responsive if one of our customers needs an emergency heating oil delivery.

Be ready for winter by enrolling in Automatic Delivery! Contact us today to get started.