COVID-19 Service Update

Update 2/3/21

Covid-19, along with the nor’easter that hit us on Monday, has added challenges to the typical winter.  If you are staying at home more often please contact our office or to let us know so we may adjust your projected fuel usage.

Update 12/9/20

Many customers are contacting us looking to schedule a burner tune up.  Unfortunately, for four months most customers did not want us in their home due to Covid-19 and now that winter is upon us there is no way for us to catch up.

The good news is the ultra-low-sulfur B20 Bioheat® we deliver creates far fewer emissions and much less soot, reducing the likelihood of clogging in your unit. So, you have a lot less to worry about than before.

We will eventually get to everyone looking to schedule a tune up during the winter and spring — barring any further lockdowns.  Please be patient as these are very challenging times.  Once the weather turns cold, we have to leave room in the schedule for no-heat emergencies because our customers don’t like it when we have to cancel appointments.  If we have a warm stretch, we’re able to reach out to customers looking for a tune up.  But in the winter, we can’t book as many ahead of time as we might in spring, summer and fall.  We can’t promise a specific day because we may get a lot of emergencies and we don’t want to cancel an appointment.

Update 10/19/20

As you know, for four months this spring and summer we were unable to tune-up oil burners, install new heating systems or perform routine servicing.  This was due to concerns about covid-19 as many customers didn’t want a technician coming to their home.  Only emergency service repair was performed during those four months.

As the fall is now upon us, we are working very hard to catch up on all the burner tune-ups that we ordinarily would have already performed.  Therefore, there is a longer than usual waiting time for customers requesting a tune-up.  We will get to all our customers looking for a tune-up.  However, please be patient when scheduling a tune-up with us as we only have a certain number of slots open each day and we don’t want to overbook appointments only to cancel them should we have a day with a high number of emergency service “no heat” calls.  Emergency service calls take precedence.

One thing that works in all our favor is our BioHeat®.  We only deliver a combination of BioHeat® fuel and ultra-low-sulfur fuel which means your oil burner runs cleaner enabling you to go longer without a tune-up.  In fact, our high-grade fuel produces less than a tablespoon of soot a year.

Update 6/25/20

  • All Westmore office employees have returned to our office and are following all Covid-19 guidelines.
  • To ensure safety, our office is still closed to the general public.  However, if a customer must stop by our office, please knock at our front entrance and wait for one of our employees to unlock the door and we will come outside to help you.
  • Non-emergency service calls and installations have resumed.  Our service technicians have been performing emergency service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in accordance all guidelines.  Also all fuel deliveries are still being made on a regular basis in accordance with all guidelines.

Contacting our office via phone (203) 531-6800 or (914) 939-3400 and email is still the best form of communication.

Stay safe this summer!

Updated 4/1/20

Our office is operating on a reduced staff, to minimize the risk to each other. Below are some changes that are impacted:

  • The office is now closed to the public so customers, vendors, etc. will not be allowed into the office. Customers with payments can drop them in the mail slot, all other concerns we ask that you call us.
  • We will prioritize oil deliveries and emergency service to customers daily as our delivery drivers and service techs are working their regular schedules.
  • Customers may experience phone hold times that are longer than normal, please be patient. Also please don’t hang up and call back as your call will be answered in the order it was received.

Updated 3/19/20

COVID-19 is disrupting our lives in many ways. We have been closely following the guidance given by the CDC and by state and federal authorities. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our customers and our employees.

What we are doing for your benefit

  • We have told our employees not to come to work if they feel sick or if anyone in their household has a fever.
  • We’ve instructed all of our technicians and drivers to take extra precautions when coming into contact with customers in their homes or businesses. They have also been told to keep a safe distance from customers. We want to err on the side of caution, even if it feels awkward at times (like no handshakes).

What you can do for our employees

  • If you have a service call scheduled and someone in your home is sick, please alert us. This also applies if you have come in close contact recently with someone who has tested positive. We can easily reschedule your call.
  • Keep a safe distance away (six to eight feet) after letting one of our people into your home. We know this will feel awkward, but it is the recommended strategy for mitigating the spread of the virus. You can also arrange to leave a key in the event that you do not want to be at home. If you have a separate entrance to your basement, we can use that.
  • If you normally come by the office to pay your bill in person, we ask that you refrain. We can make it easy by setting up an automatic credit card payment if you’d like.

Make sure we have your cell phone number and email address so that we have multiple ways to contact you in case we urgently need to reach you. This is a fluid situation, and we are in uncharted waters. We will update this page if the situation warrants it.

Important website pages for you to access us online:
Contact Us
My Account/Pay Online

We look forward to the time when all this will be unnecessary. Until then, be safe.

Your Team at Westmore Fuel