Heating Oil Delivery in White Plains, NY, and Nearby Communities

You can count on Westmore Fuel for your heating oil!

For 85 years, Westmore Fuel has been serving White Plains and nearby towns in New York and Connecticut with dependable heating oil delivery and service. We’re known for our reliability, as well as a commitment to quality work done right and courteous, personal service.

NOTE: If you have a no-heat emergency, please do not contact us online. Call us any time of day or night at 888-696-4031 for 24/7 emergency service.

Westmore Fuel
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Our heating oil services

Heating oil delivery. Westmore makes it easy as pie to get your heating oil! The easiest way is our work-free, worry-free Automatic Delivery. You can also use our sister company Westmore Oil Express to request a delivery online.

Bioheat® Fuel. When it comes to quality heating oil that’s better for your heating system as well as being environmentally friendly, you can’t beat our B20 Bioheat Fuel! It helps make your furnace or boiler more efficient, saving you money on heating costs.

Pricing and payment options. Westmore knows our customers have individual needs when it comes to managing their heating oil costs. So, we offer options such as EvenPay, where you can spread your heating oil costs up to 11 manageable monthly installments. With pricing options such as Daily Market Rate, Capped Price, and Fixed Price, you get even more control over how much you pay for your heating oil!

Heating oil tanks. Is your heating oil tank getting up in years? Don’t wait for it to fail before replacing it! We’ll remove your old tank and replace it with a new, double-walled heating oil tank that’s built for safety and durability.

Oil-fired heating systems. You can’t beat heating oil for keeping your home warm and comfy, because it gets your home warmer than any other fuel including natural gas! We expertly install, maintain, and repair oil-fired heating systems. Our affordable service plans help protect you from big repair bills.

Westmore Fuel has fans in White Plains!

heating oil delivery in white plains

“We’ve been a happy customer for years for all our home heating needs. We’ve never had an issue with deliveries, always arrive like clockwork. Their service department is professional and performs a tune-up every year. I believe that’s why we have avoided any issues during the winter season.” – Jeffrey K.

“We have had Westmore as our fuel company for decades and would never think of going to any other company. Their team sincerely care for providing a quality service with not only excellent technical service but with personal support.” – Anthony O.

Heating oil FAQs

Q. What is Bioheat Fuel?
A. Bioheat Fuel is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and biodiesels. ULSHO contains 15 ppm (parts per million) or less of sulfur. Traditional No. 2 heating oil contains an average of 4,000 ppm.

Biodiesels come from natural resources including:

  • Plant oils such as soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, and inedible corn oil
  • Animal fats and tallow
  • Recycled restaurant cooking oils
  • Algae

Bioheat Fuel burns dramatically cleaner than traditional No. 2 heating oil. Our B20 Bioheat Fuel is a blend that includes 20% biodiesels. It burns cleaner than natural gas! It is also easier on your heating system, reducing wear, helping to prevent breakdowns, and extending the life expectancy of your boiler or furnace.

Q. Do I have to be home for my heating oil delivery?
A. If your fill pipe is accessible from the outside of your home, we can fill your heating oil tank if you are not at home.

If you are looking for the best heating oil delivery for your White Plains home or business, become a Westmore Fuel customer today!