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Equipment Installation and Service in Westchester County and Fairfield County

Westmore Fuel can help you get a quality heating system for your home

With more than 80 years in business here in Westchester and Fairfield counties, Westmore Fuel has seen a lot of changes in how we heat our homes.

We started in 1938 by delivering coal. Then we transitioned to heating oil. Today, we offer B20 Bioheat, made with a blend of ultra-low sulfer heating oil and biofuel, made from renewable resources such as plant oils like soybean and sunflower, algae, cooking grease and more.

Home heating equipment has evolved over the decades as well. Today’s oil heating systems operate at up around 95 percent efficiency. Upgrading to a new heating system can save you up to 30 percent on your heating costs. They also burn cleaner thanks to developments like Bioheat, so your heating system can last longer with fewer repairs.

Westmore Fuel is a full-service heating oil company. While we provide prompt and dependable delivery of your heating oil, that’s just the beginning of what we offer our customers.

We offer installation, maintenance and repair of top quality equipment such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters and heating oil tanks.

Quality products, quality installation

When you’re facing the worst from Old Man Winter, you want to know your equipment will work and not break down when you need it most.

That’s where Westmore Fuel comes in. We have a knowledgeable staff that puts our years of experience to work for you, assessing your home’s needs and helping you find the right equipment to meet those needs.

Are you building a new home, renovating your current home, or building an addition onto your home? We’ll help you make sure you have the heating system, water heater and oil tank that will work with your space and your budget, and work with your contractor so the installation is done right.

Here’s more about our equipment.

Furnaces. Did you know that if your current forced-air furnace is more than 30 years old, upgrading to today’s efficient oil heat furnaces can reduce your heating oil usage by up to 50 percent? Westmore installs furnaces from top manufacturers such as ThermoPride, and pay attention to details like upgrading ductwork to ensure peak efficiency from your new furnace.

Boilers. We offer boilers from leading manufacturers including Utica, Peerless, Veisman, Weil McLain, Buderus and Burhnam. When we install your new boiler, we don’t just cut-and-slide the new boiler in. We install new piping so you get the most out of your investment with maximum efficiency.

Water heaters. Between showers, baths, laundry, dishwashing and home cleaning, heating water accounts for around 20 percent of your home’s energy usage. A quality oil water heater from top makers like Phase III can help you save on your energy costs.

Oil tanks. Oil tanks are built to last, but nothing lasts forever. Today’s oil tanks are double-walled and come with leak protection features that help it last for decades. Westmore Fuel will help you choose the right size of tank for your home, remove your old one and install your new one.

Service when you need it

Westmore Fuel offers 24/7 emergency equipment service, so you have peace of mind.

Another way Westmore Fuel’s equipment installation and service stands out is that our service technicians are just that: ours. We don’t sub-contract out our installation and service work because we want to be sure that you get the quality service that you deserve.

Because we use our own service technicians, we know they are trained to the highest standards so when they come to your home, they will respect your home and your time, will get the job done and get the job done right.

Get in touch with Westmore Fuel and find out more about our equipment installation and service. And don’t forget to ask about our service plans!

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