Written on: September 11, 2017

Fall Is Coming – Time for Your Annual Heating System Tune-Up!

Ready or not, Fall is coming to Westchester and Connecticut – and with it comes back-to-school busyness.

Just don’t forget, in that busyness, to do the little things that take potential stress away this fall and winter – like scheduling your annual heating system maintenance.

An annual tune-up for your heating equipment not only saves you money by keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency, it also helps us spot minor issues before they become costly repairs (about four out of five repairs are preventable with regular maintenance!).

We’ll even go the extra mile to make managing your tune-up a snap:

Contact us to schedule your tune-up today – or better yet sign up for one of our high-value Service Plans, which includes an expert tune-up, priority service, repair discounts, and more!

Contact Westmore Fuels today to schedule your annual heating system tune-up!