Written on: December 23, 2019

Heating System Maintenance Visits: What Are They Like?

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Routine heating maintenance is one of the most important ways to protect the investment you’ve made in your home heating system – but what actually happens during annual heating maintenance visit to make it so important?

Mostly, your technician is looking for ways to make your heating oil-fired system perform better or more safely, doing everything from checking exhaust draft composition and temperature to measuring combustion efficiency. But he’s also looking for common problems that occur with most heating equipment over the course of its lifetime.

Common Issues Found During A Heating Tune-up

Here are some of the issues typically uncovered during your heating system maintenance visit, and what the likely cause is for each:

Issue Cause
Clogged air filters Soot/dust
Dirty nozzles Soot/dust
Excessive wear and tear Age
Electrical ignition Faulty ignition
Thermocouple problems
Clogs in the device
Frequent cycling Clogged filters
Thermostat settings
Poor airflow
Faulty Thermostat Electrical wiring or age
Noisy Furnace Mechanical issues
Clogged burner
Blower won’t shut off Broken limit switch
Not enough heat from furnace Clogged filter
Wrong size for home setting

HVAC Parts That Might Need Replacement

Besides these issues, a technician will often also have to replace certain items during a heating tune-up to keep your system running efficiently and reliably for longer.

Some of the parts that may need to be replaced over the lifespan of your heating equipment include:

As you can see, your heating system is pretty complex – which is why you should always call a licensed and fully insured heating professional when you want to fix – or prevent – problems with your oil-fired furnace, boiler, or burner.

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